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What we do

Driving brands forward online

A digital-first approach to
strategy and creative.

Elevating your brand at every touchpoint

01 Discover

At Tarasovs, our primary aim is to gain a comprehensive understanding of each client's business landscape and audience dynamics. Through meticulous research, we delve deep into your target market's behaviors and preferences, ensuring our digital solutions resonate effectively.

02 Plan

Our strategic planning process transforms research insights into actionable strategies aimed at achieving your business objectives. We craft a clear roadmap designed to drive traffic and convert visitors into valuable leads.

03 Create

Our dedicated team of designers leverages their expertise and insights into your company to craft visually captivating designs, always prioritizing the user experience. We take pride in every project we deliver and are confident in the satisfaction it brings to you and your team.

04 Launch

During the implementation phase, we bring our creative concepts to life, ensuring a seamless transition from ideation to execution. This comprehensive process encompasses design, development, and strategic marketing initiatives, culminating in a successful launch.

05 Optimize

Continual optimization is integral to our approach. By employing scientific metrics and data analysis, we track campaign performance, identify successes, and areas for improvement. This enables us to refine strategies and maximize your business goals effectively.


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